A stane is a unit o mass in the Imperial seestem o weights an measures formerly uised in the Unitit Kinrick, Ireland, an maist Commonweal Kintras. It is match tae 14 punds avoirdupois. In SI Units it is match tae 6.35 kilogramme(kg).

It wis frequently uised in the past for wechtin agricultural commodities: potatoes, for ensaumple, wis tradeetionally selt in stanes or hauf-stanes (14-pund or 7-pund quantities). Tho nae langer an offeicial unit o meisur (in medical an ither technical contexts kilogrammes are uised), the stane remains in awmaist universal popular uise in Breetain an Ireland for expressing human body wecht. A chiel wad sicwice for ordinar descrive thairsels as wechtin, say, "11 stane 4" (11 stane an 4 pund).

While the stane as a unit o wecht isna kent o in the Unitit States an Canadae, punds alane are gey near niver uised ava tae express body wecht in Breetain an Ireland.