Sooth Karelie (Finnish: Etelä-Karjala; Swadish: Södra Karelen) is a region o Finland. It borders tae the regions o Kymenlaakso, Soothren Savonie, North Karelie an tae Roushie. The term "Sooth Karelie" micht an aa be uised tae refer tae the soothren pairts o the entire Karelie — the Region o Sooth Karelie is termed "Sooth" acause it is the soothmaist pairt o Karelie on Finnish territory.

South Karelia on a map o Finland

Historical province eedit

For History, Geography an Cultur see: Karelie

Regional Cooncil eedit

Main airticle: Sooth Karelie Regional Cooncil

Municipalities eedit

Main airticle: Municipalities o Sooth Karelie

Sooth Karelie is dividit intae ten municipalities. Twa o these are ceeties.

Heraldry eedit

Main airticle: Heraldry o Karelie

The coat o airms o Sooth Karelie is composed o the airms o Karelie.

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Coordinates: 61°N 28°E / 61°N 28°E / 61; 28