Soothren Savonie

Southern Savonia (Finnish: Etelä-Savo; Swadish: Södra Savolax) is a region in the sooth-east o Finland. It borders tae the regions Northren Savonie, North Karelia, Sooth Karelie, Kymenlaakso, Päijänne Tavastia, an Central Finland. The total aurie o Soothren Savonie is 18,768.33 km2 (7,246.5 sq mi), wi a population 158,500 (2009).

Soothren Savonie on a map o Finland

Soothren Savonie is locatit in the hert o the Finnish lake destrict, an is aiblins best kent for Lake Saimaa. The twa major touns in the region are Mikkeli an Savonlinna.

Historical provincesEedit

For history, geography an cultur see: Savonia


Main airticle: Municipalities o Soothren Savonie

Soothren Savonie includes 12 municipalities leetit belaw (touns marked in bauld).

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Coordinates: 62°0′N 27°30′E / 62.000°N 27.500°E / 62.000; 27.500