Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet

Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet KCB FRS (13 September 1831 – 22 October 1915) wis a Scots physicist kent fur his wirk on ballistics an gunnery.[1]

Sir Andrew Noble, Bt

Sir Andrew Noble c. 1907
Born13 September 1831
Dee'd22 October 1915(1915-10-22) (aged 84)
Kent forballistics
Hauf-marrae(s)Margery Durham Campbell (m.1854)
Bairns2 dauchters, 4 sons
AwairdsRyal Medal (1880)
Albert Medal (1909)
Scientific career

Early life eedit

Born at Greenock, he was edicatit at Edinburgh Academy an at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. He wis commissioned in the Royal Artillery in 1849, promuived tae caiptain in 1855 an became secretar o the Ryal Artillery Institution. He wis secretar o the British government seleck committee on replacin the smuith-bore cannon wi rifle artillery an carriet oot resairch on the subject. In 1859 he became Assistant-Inspector o Artillery an in 1860 jynt the Ordnance Select Committee an the Committee on Explosives, steyin on the committee til it wis disbandit in 1880.[1]

Personal life eedit

In 1854, whiles wi his regiment in Quebec, Noble marriet Margery Durham Campbell. They haed fower sons an twa dauchters.[1] Margery lived til the age o 101.

Noble's furst an secont sons George an Saxton becam successiv second and third baronets, while his third son John Noble, involved wi Armstrongs Artillery, wis creatit a baronet in his ain richt in 1923. The latter's yungest son Michael Noble becam a weel-kent Conservative politician an wis creatit a life peer as Baron Glenkinglas in 1974.

Noble's yungest dauchter Ethel mairret Alfred Cochrane, a cricketer an poet that wis Company Secretar at Armstrongs.

References eedit

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