Simeon Solomon

Simeon Solomon (9 October 184014 August 1905) wis a Inglish Pre-Raphaelite penter.

Shadrach, Meshach, an Abednego (1863) bi Simeon Solomon.

Simeon wis born intil a kenspeckle Ebreuish familie. He wis the aicht an last bairn born tae kenspeckle merchand Meyer Solomon an airtist Kathe Levey. Simeon wis a younger brither tae fellae penters Abraham Solomon (1824-1862) an Rebecca Solomon (1832-1886).

Born an educate in Lunnon, Solomon stairtit gittin lecturs in pentin fae his aulder brither aboot 1850. He stairtit at Carey's Airt Academie in 1852. His audlder sister first exhibeetit her warks at the Ryal Academy athin the same year.

As a student at the Ryal Academy Schuils, Simeon wis introduced throu Dante Gabriel Rossetti tae ither members o the Pre-Raphaelite circle, includin the poet Algernon Charles Swinburne an the penter Edward Burne-Jones in 1857. His frist exhibeetion wis at the Ryal Academie in 1858. He conteenad tae haud exhibeetions o his wark at the Ryal Academie atween 1858 an 1872. In addeetion tae the leeterar pentins favoured bi the Pre-Raphaelite schuil, Solomon's subjects aften included scenes frae the Ebreu Bible an genre pentins shawin Jewish life an reetuals.

In 1873 his career wis cuttit short whan he wis liftit in a public toilet in Lunnon an chairged wi undacent exposure. He wis feyed tae ser aichten month' haurd laubour in the jyle, but this wis later reduced tae polis superveesion. He flew tae the French Thrid Republic. He wis houaniver liftit again in 1874, an syne wis feyed tae spend three month in the jyle.

In 1885 he wis admeetit tae the puirhoose whaur he continad tae mak warks; houaniver, his life an ingine wis scaudered bi alcoholism. Twintie year efter in 1905, he dee'd frae wimples brocht on bi his alcoholism. He wis birriet in a Ebreu cemetery in Willesden.

Ensaumples o his wark is on permanent shaw at the Victoria an Albert Museum an at Leighton Hoose.

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