Scotland naitional fitbaw team

The Scotland naitional fitbaw team represent Scotland in internaitional fitbaw, and is guidit by the Scots Fitbaa Association. Scotland are the jynt auldest naitional fibaa team in the warld, aside Ingland, whae thay spield wi in the warld's first internaitional fitbaw tournament. Scotland maistly spiel at Hampden Park, but whiles freendly matches are spield at club grunds.

Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationScots Fitbaa Association
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachSteve Clarke
CaiptainAndrew Robertson
Maist kaipsKenny Dalglish (102)
Tap scorerKenny Dalglish
Denis Law (30)
Hame stadiumHampden Park
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 30 Steady (20 Julie 2023)[1]
Heichest13[2] (October 2007)
Lawest88[3] (March 2005)
Elo rankin
Current 22 Increase 19 (17 Julie 2023)[4]
Heichest1[5] (1876–92, 1904)
Lawest64[5] (May 2005)
First international
 Scotland 0–0 Ingland 
(Partick, Scotland; 30 November 1872)
Biggest win
 Scotland 11–0 Ireland 
(Glesga, Scotland; 23 February 1901)
Biggest defeat
 Uruguay 7–0 Scotland 
(Basel, Swisserland; 19 June 1954)
Warld Cup
Appearances8 (first in 1954)
Best result9t, 1974
European Championship
Appearances3 (first in 1992)
Best resultLast 8, 1992


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