Saare Coonty (Estonie: Saare maakond), or Saaremaa, (Laitin: Osilia or Oesel; German: Ösel) is ane o 15 coonties o Estonie. It consists o Saaremaa, the lairgest island o Estonie, an several smawer islands near it, maist notably Muhu, Ruhnu, Abruka an Vilsandi. The coonty borders Lääne Coonty tae the east an Hiiu Coonty tae the north. 34,723 fowk live in Saare Coonty – constitutin 2.6% o the total population in Estonie (as o Januar 2009).[2]

Saare Coonty
Banner o Saare Coonty
Coat of airms o Saare Coonty
Coat airms
Location of Saare Coonty
 • GovrenorKaido Kaasik [1]
 • Total2922 km2 (1,128 sq mi)
 (Januar 2009[2])
 • Total34,723
 • Density12/km2 (31/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeEE-74

Municipalities Eedit

Municipalities in Saare Coonty

The coonty is subdividit intae 3 landwart municipalities (Estonie: vallad – parishes):

  1. Muhu Pairish
  2. Ruhnu Pairish
  3. Saaremaa Pairish

Geografie Eedit

The lairgest islands o the coonty are Saaremaa, Muhu, Ruhnu, Abruka an Vilsandi. Arable land is 570 km² an it haes a mild maritime climate. The mean annual air temperatur is 6.0 °C an the mean annual precipitation is 509 mm.

Releegion Eedit

The main releegious affiliations are Lutheran, Orthodox an Baptist, but anerlie 33.6% consider thairsels releegious.[3]

References Eedit

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