The Rt Hon. Ruth Elizabeth Davidson, futur Baroness Davidson (born 10 November 1978 in Edinburgh) is a Scots Conservative Pairty politician an jurnalist, haein been a Member o the Scots Pairlament syne 2011. She wis leader o the Conservatives fae the 4 November 2011 till the 29 August 2019.

Ruth Davidson

Leader o the Conservative Pairty in the Scots Pairlament
In office
11 August 2020 – 5 Mey 2021
LeaderDouglas Ross
Precedit biJackson Carlaw
Succeedit biDouglas Ross
Leader o the Scots Conservative Pairty
In office
4 November 2011 – 29 August 2019
On Leave: 15 September 2018 – 3 Mey 2019
DeputeMurdo Fraser
Jackson Carlaw
LeaderDavid Cameron
Theresa May
Boris Johnson
Precedit biAnnabel Goldie
Succeedit biJackson Carlaw
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Edinburgh Central
Assumed office
6 Mey 2016
Precedit biMarco Biagi
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Glesga
(1 o 7 Regional MSPs)
In office
6 Mey 2011 – 6 Mey 2016
Personal details
Born (1978-11-10) 10 November 1978 (age 45)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots Conservative Pairty
Domestic partnerJen Wilson
ReligionKirk o Scotland

History as a Memmer o the Scots Pairlament eedit

She wis eleckit leader o the Scots Conservative Pairty on 4 November 2011, in succession tae Annabel Goldie. She led her pairty throu the Scots unthirldom referendum, 2014, in whilk she campaigned fur Scotland tae remain in the Unitit Kinrick. She forby led the pairty throu the 2015 an 2017 Unitit Kinrick general elections. Her pairty increased its total o MPs frae ane in the first ane tae 13 in the seicont ane. She wis leader fur the 2016 Brexit referendum, in whilk she campaigned fur tae bide in the EU, an the 2016 Scots Pairlament election, in whilk her pairty owertuik Labour intae seicont place. She propaled her demission as on the 29 August 2019.[1] She will become Baroness efter the Scots Pairlament election, 2021.[2]

Personal Life eedit

Ruth Davidson an her pairtner Jen Wilson haes a son, Finn Paul Davidson, that wis born on the 26 October 2018.

References eedit

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