Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 Julie 1920 – 16 Aprile 1958)[1] wis an Inglis chemist an X-ray crystallografer who made contreibutions tae the unnerstaundin o the fine molecular structures o DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA (ribonucleic acid), viruses, coal, an graphite.[2]

Rosalind Elsie Franklin
BornRosalind Elsie Franklin
25 Julie 1920(1920-07-25)
Notting Hill, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd16 Apryle 1958(1958-04-16) (aged 37)
Chelsea, Lunnon, Ingland
Cause o daith
Ovarian cancer
Restin place
Willesden Unitit Synagogue Seemetry
51°32′41″N 0°14′24″W / 51.5447°N 0.2399°W / 51.5447; -0.2399Coordinates: 51°32′41″N 0°14′24″W / 51.5447°N 0.2399°W / 51.5447; -0.2399
Alma materNewnham College, Cambridge
Kent forStructur o DNA
Fine structur o coal an graphite
Structur o viruses
Scientific career
FieldsPhysical chemistry
X-ray crystallography
InstitutionsBreetish Coal Utilisation Research Association
Laboratoire Central des Services Chimiques de l'État
Keeng's College, Lunnon
Birkbeck College, Lunnon
ThesisThe pheesical chemistry o solit organic colloids wi special reference tae coal (1945)

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