Robert Edward Lee (Januar 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) wis an American sodgier kent for commandin the Confederate Airmy o Northren Virginie in the American Ceevil War frae 1862 till his surrender in 1865.

Robert E. Lee
Julian Vannerson's photograph o Robert E. Lee in Mairch 1864
Birth nameRobert Edward Lee
Elk-nameBobby Lee (never tae his face), Uncle Robert, Marse Robert, Granny Lee, the King of Spades (Inglis: the Keeng o Spades), the Old Man (Inglis: the Auld Man), the Marble Man
Born19 Januar 1807(1807-01-19)
Stratford Hall, Virginie, U.S.
Dee'd12 October 1870(1870-10-12) (aged 63)
Lexington, Virginie, U.S.
Buried at
Years o service
  • 1829–1861 (U.S. Army)
  • 1861–1865 (C.S. Army)
Commands held
Ither wirkPreses o Washington an Lee Varsity