Putumayo is a depairtment o Colombie. It is in the soothwast o the kintra, borderin Ecuador an Peru. Its caipital is Mocoa.

Depairtment o Putumayo

Departamento del Putumayo
Banner o Depairtment o Putumayo
Putumayo shown in red
Putumayo shown in red
Coordinates: 1°09′N 76°37′W / 1.150°N 76.617°W / 1.150; -76.617
Kintra Colombie
RegionAmazonía Region
 • GovrenorJulio Byron Viveros Cháves (2010-)
 • Total24885 km2 (9,608 sq mi)
Area rank16
 • Total299,286
 • Rank25
 • Density12/km2 (31/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-PUT

The wird putumayo comes frae the Quechua leid. The verb putuy means "tae spring fort" or "tae burst oot", an mayo is a variant o mayu, meanin river. Thus it means "gushin river".

Municipalities eedit

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History eedit

Oreeginally, the soothwast o the depairtment was territory o the Cofán Indians, the northwast o the Kamentxá Indians, an the center an sooth belang tae tribes that spoke Tukano leids (such as the Siona), an the east tae tribes that spak Witoto leids. Pairt o the Kamentxá territory wis conquered bi the Inca Huayna Cápac in 1492, who efter crossin the Cofán territory, established a Quechua population on the valley o Sibundoy, that is kent the day as Ingas. Efter the Inca defeat in 1533, the region wis invadit bi the Spaingie in 1542 an syne 1547 admeenistered bi Catholic missions.

The current territory o Putumayo wis linkit tae Popayan durin the Spaingie Colony an on the firsts Republican decades belangit tae the huge "Depairtment o Asuay, that includit territories in Ecuador an Perú. Later stairts a ling process o territorial redistributions:

  • 1831: Province o Popayán.
  • 1857: Estado Federal del Cauca.
  • 1886: Depairtament o Cauca.
  • 1905: Intendencia del Putumayo.
  • 1909: Intendencia del Caquetá.
  • 1912: Comisaría Especial del Putumayo.
  • 1953: Departament o Nariño.
  • 1957: Comisaría Especial del Putumayo.
  • 1968: Intendencia Especial del Putumayo.
  • 1991: Departament o Putumayo.

A daurk chapter in the history o Putumayo wis the rubber fever, frae the late 19t century till the 20t century. Durin this period, the Casa Arana enslavit an killed thoosans o natives frae Amazonie, these wur uised tae extract natural rubber. Nouadays, housomeivver, a few native communities exist that athstuid the Spaingie colonization, the rubber exploitation, the recent ile extraction an the modren colonization.

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