Port Fuad (Arabic: بور فؤاد ‎; Būr Fu’ād) is a ceety in north-eastren Egyp unner the jurisdiction o Port Said Govrenorate, locatit athort the Suez Canal frae Port Said. It forms the northwastmaist pairt o Sinai Peninsulae an haes a population o 560,000 (as o 2003). Port Fuad an Port Said thegither form a metropolitan aurie.

Port Fuad

بور فؤاد
Port Fuad as seen across the Suez Canal from Port Said.
Port Fuad as seen across the Suez Canal from Port Said.
Port Fuad is located in Egypt
Port Fuad
Port Fuad
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 31°15′N 32°19′E / 31.250°N 32.317°E / 31.250; 32.317
Kintra Egyp
GovrenoratePort Said Govrenorate
 • Total560,000
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)



Port Fuad wis established in 1926, principally tae relieve owercruodin in Port Said, an wis named efter Keeng Fuad I (an aa transliteratit as Fuad), the first haulder o the title Keeng o Egyp in the modren era (haein previously held the teetle Sultan o Egyp).

Efter the war o 1967 Port Fuad wis the anerlie piece o Sinai held bi the Egyptians. The Israelis tried ae captur Port Fuad coontless o times durin the War o Attrition, but failed each time. Durin October War Port Fuad wis secured an land wis regained aroond it tae ensure it wad niver be attacked or bombed again bi the Israelis. The war endit wi a strategic victory for Egyp, an in the Camp David Accord in 1978 Israel agreed tae return Sinai tae Egyp peacefully, an later the twa kintras signed a peace treaty. The day Port Fuad is a major Air Defense Position for Egyp.



The ceety is locatit on a triangular island which is bundit bi the Mediterranean on the north, the Suez Canal on the wast, an the relatively new junction atween the Suez Canal an the Mediterranean on the east. The Suez Canal Authority forms the main employment o the ceety, an its employees comprise maist o the population. It haes ane general hospital.

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