Saloth Sar (19 Mey 1928 – 15 Aprile 1998), better kent as Pol Pot, (Khmer: ប៉ុល ពត), wis the leader o the Cambodian communist movement kent as the Khmer Rouge[3] an wis Prime Meenister o Democratic Kampuchea frae 1976–1979. His time as the leader o Cambodie, in which he attemptit tae "cleanse" the kintra, resultit in the daiths o an estimatit 1.7 tae 2.5 million fowk.

Pol Pot
Pol Pot in 1978
General Secretary o the Communist Pairty o Kampuchea
In office
Februar 1963 – 1981 (pairty dissolvit)
DeputeNuon Chea (as vice-secretary)
Precedit biTou Samouth
Succeedit biNane (pairty dissolvit)
Prime Meenister o Democratic Kampuchea
In office
14 Aprile 1976 – 27 September 1976
PresesKhieu Samphan
Precedit biKhieu Samphan
Succeedit biNuon Chea
In office
25 October 1976 – 7 Januar 1979
PresesKhieu Samphan Religion: Nane
Precedit biNuon Chea
Succeedit biPen Sovan
Personal details
Born19 Mey 1925(1925-05-19)[1][2]
Kampong Thom Province, French Indocheenae
Dee'd15 Apryle 1998(1998-04-15) (aged 72)
Anlong Veng, Cambodie
Poleetical pairtyCommunist Pairty o Kampuchea
Spoose(s)1) Khieu Ponnary (div.)
2) Mea Son

Pol Pot became leader o Cambodie in mid-1975. Durin his time in pouer, Pol Pot imposed a version o agrarian collectivization, forcin ceety dwellers tae relocate tae the kintraside tae wirk in collective farms an forced labour projects, toward a goal o "restairtin civilization" in a "Year Zero". The combined effects o sclave labour, massacre, an forced starvation resultit in the daiths o approximately 26% o the Cambodian population.[4]

In 1979, efter the invasion o Cambodie bi neighbourin Vietnam in the Cambodian–Vietnamese War, Pol Pot fled intae the jungles o soothwast Cambodie an the Khmer Rouge govrenment collapsed.[5] Frae 1979 tae 1997 he an a remnant o the auld Khmer Rouge operatit frae the mairch region o Cambodie an Thailand, whaur thay clung tae pouer an Unitit Naitions recognition as the richtful govrenment o Cambodie.

Pol Pot dee'd in 1998 while held unner hoose reest bi the Ta Mok faction o the Khmer Rouge. Syne his daith, rumours that he wis pushiont hae persistit.[6]


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