Peter Paul Rubens

Sir Peter Paul Rubens (/ˈrbənz/;[1] Dutch: [ˈrybəns]; 28 Juin 1577 – 30 Mey 1640), wis a Flemish airtist. He is conseedert the maist influential airtist o Flemish Baroque tradeetion. Rubens' heichly chairged composeetions reference erudite aspects o clessical an Christian history. His unique an immensely popular Baroque style emphasized muivement, colour, an sensuality, that follaed the immediate, dramatic airtistic style promotit in the Coonter-Reformation. Rubens specialised in makkin altarpieces, portraits, laundscapes, an history pentins o meethological an allegorical subjects.

Peter Paul Rubens
Self-portrait, 1623, Ryal Collection
BornPeter Paul Rubens
28 Juin 1577(1577-06-28)
Siegen, Nassau-Dillenburg (nou North Rhine-Wastphalie, Germany)
Dee'd30 Mey 1640(1640-05-30) (aged 62)
Antwerp, Spainyie Netherlands (nou Belgium)
EddicationTobias Verhaecht
Adam van Noort
Otto van Veen
Kent forPentin, Prentmakkin
MuivementFlemish Baroque

In addeetion tae runnin a muckle studio in Antwerp that produced pentins popular wi nobility an airt collectors ootthrou Europe, Rubens wis a clessically eddicatit humanist scholart an diplomat that wis knichtit bi baith Philip IV o Spain an Charles I o Ingland. Rubens wis a proleefic airtist. The catalogue o his warks bi Michael Jaffé leets 1,403 pieces, excludin numerous copies made in his wirkshop.[2]

His commissioned warks war maistly "history pentins", that includit releegious an meethological subjects, an hunt scenes. He pentit portraits, especially o friends, an sel-portraits, an in later life pentit several laundscapes. Rubens designed tapestries an prents, as weel as his awn hoose. He an aa owersaw the ephemeral decorations o the ryal entry intae Antwerp bi the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand in 1635.

His drawins are predominantly verra forcefu but nae owerly detailed. He an aa made great uise o ile sketches as preparatory studies. He wis ane o the last major airtists tae mak consistent uise o widden panels as a support medium, even for verra muckle warks, but he uised canvas as weel, especially whan the wark needit tae be sent a lang distance. For altarpieces he whiles painted on sclate tae reduce reflection problems.

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