A knicht is a person gien mense tae bi a monarch or ither poleetical leader for service tae the monarch or kintra, especially in a militar capacity. This honorar title is kent as a knichtheid. Lang syne, in Europe, knichtheid wis translate upon mountit warriors.[1] During the Heich Middle Ages, knichtheid wis considert a cless o lesser nobility. Bi the Late Middle Ages, the rank wis associate wi the ideals o chivalry, a code o conduct for the perfect coortly Christian warrior. A knicht wis, for common, a vassal that sert as a fechter for a laird, wi pey in the form o land.[2] Knichts war troued tae the lairds, an war nacky wi battle on horseback. Syne the early modren period, the title o knicht is honourific juist, uisually bestowed bi a monarch, as in the Breetish honours seestem, aften for non-militar service tae the kintra. Dame is sib tae knicht nouadays for women in the Unitit Kinrick.

Maximilian Gothic plate airmour, 15t century

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