Airt, in its braidmaist meanin, is the kythe o creativity or imaigination, else baith.

Prentmakkin is the process o makkin airtwarks bi prentin, normally on paper. (36 Views o Moont Fuji widcut frae Hokusai.

Aa thro the scrievit historie o man, monie biggins haes been applee'd upan the braid conceit. The maist feck kens the things that thay conseider ti be airt, an the things that thay conseider nae ti be airt. Forby, pairties, maistlins academic pairties, haes a vague skairit conceit o the things that is, or isna, airt.

The wird "airt" is aften uised for the veesual airts, an "airts" is uised for veesual airt, leeteratur, muisic, an dance — the fine airts. Hooiver, sic disteenctions bes the subject o monie collogues an debates.

Airt kythes tae be nearhaun universal aa thro man — necessar ti man's trift. Thare's nae culturs nor daen tak side in it tae some degree.