Palembang is the caipital ceity o the Sooth Sumatra province in Indonesie. Palembang is ane o the auldest ceities in Indonesie, an haes a history o being a caipital o a maritime empire. Locatit on the Musi River banks on the east coast o soothren Sumatra island, it haes an area o 400.61 square kilometres an a population o 1,441,500. Palembang is the seicont-lairgest ceity in Sumatra efter Medan an the seivent-lairgest ceity in Indonesie. The ceity haes hosted the 26t edition o Sootheast Asie Gemmes frae 11 tae 22 November 2011 alang wi Jakarta.

Ampera brig, the major landmark o Palembang
Ampera brig, the major landmark o Palembang
"Bumi Sriwijaya (The Land of Srivijaya)"
Palembang BARI (Bersih, Aman, Rapi, Indah) (Palembang: Clean, Safe, Neat, an Bonnie)
Coordinates: 2°59′27.99″S 104°45′24.24″E / 2.9911083°S 104.7567333°E / -2.9911083; 104.7567333
ProvinceSooth Sumatra
Incorporatit (ceety)16 Juin 683
 • MayorH. Eddy Santana Putra (2008-2013)
 • Vice MayorH. Romi Herton (2008-2013)
 • Total400.61 km2 (154.68 sq mi)
 • Total1,535,952
 • Density3599/km2 (9,320/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
Area code(s)0711

It wis umwhile the caipital ceity o the Kinrick o Srivijaya, a pouerful Malay kinrick, which influenced hintle o Sootheast Asia. The earliest evidence of its existence dates frae the 7t century; a Cheenese monk, I-Tsing, wrote that he visitit Srivijaya in the year 671 for 6 month. The first inscription in which the name Srivijaya appears dates frae the 7t century, namely the Kedukan Bukit Inscription aroond Palembang in Sumatra, datit 683.

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