Oor Wullie is a chairacter that appears in a cairtoon in the Sunday Post bi Peter Davidson the now. He's a laddie that sits on a bucket, wi a dug that is cried Harry. Oor Wullie's wee moose is cried Jeemy. He has a Maw an Paw an uses his cattie tae knack P.C. Murdochs hat aff (cap duntin'). He is a'ways findin' himself in trouble wi' the law partly as a result o' this.

Oor Wullie doesnae ken if he is interested in a lassie named Primrose Patterson; she is his sometime girlfriend the noo. He haes three pals that's cried Fat Bob, Soapy Soutar, an Wee Eck. At the stairt an end o ilka strip he can be fand sittin on his bucket that he haes a sentimental attachment tae. The start o' each strip also features a rhyme also in Scots. The cairtoons is written in anglifee'd Scots.

Oor Wullie annuals is setten furth ilka twa year an The Broons (a sib comic strip) annuals is setten furth in the years whan Oor Wullie isna setten furth, whiles thare's the antrin crossower atween the twa comic strips.