Novial [nov- ("new") + IAL, Internaitional Auxiliary Leid] is a constructit internaitional auxiliary leid (IAL) for universal communication atween speakers o different native leids. It wis devised bi Otto Jespersen, a Dans linguist who wis previously involved in the Ido movement, an subsequently in the development o Interlingua.

Flag of Novial.svg
Creautit biOtto Jespersen
Settin an uissageinternaitional auxiliary leid
SoorcesRomance an Germanic leids; an aa Occidental an Ido
Leid codes
ISO 639-3nov

Its vocabulary is based lairgely on the Germanic an Romance leids an its grammar is influenced bi Inglis.

Novial wis first introduced in Jespersen's beuk An International Language in 1928.[1] It wis updatit in his dictionar Novial Lexike in 1930,[2] an further modifications wur proponed in the 1930s, but the leid acame dormant wi Jespersen's daith in 1943.[3] In the 1990s, wi the revival o interest in constructit leids broucht on bi the Internet, some fowk rediscovered Novial.[3]


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