Lingueestics is the studie o leids n langage.

It is ae gey braid subject, encompassin:

  • phonetics — the studie o the soonds o peoples langage
    • phonologie — the studie o whit soonds is in indiveedual leids, hou thir soonds is pitten thegather tae form permitable wairds in thae leids
  • morphologie — the studie o hou the "biggin-blocks" o wairds (prefixes, suffixes, verb endins...) is pitten thegather tae mak wairds or compoond-wairds
  • syntax — the studie o hou wairds is pitten thegather tae mak sentances
  • sociolingueestics — the studie o the function n effect o langage wiin wider societie, n the effect o societal facters oan langage n aw
  • psycholingueestics — the studie o hou leids is perceeved wiin the harn
  • historical lingueestics — the studie o the evolution o leids, n the ettle tae reconstruct leids o the bygane

N thaur's ither, smaaer fields o studie wiin the subject aes weel.

Lingueesteecs is maist aften taucht aes ae tertiarie level subject, that is at the varsitie, tho some o it micht be taucht in langage claisses at the hie schuil.