capacity tae communicate uisin signs, sic as wirds or gesturs
(Reguidit frae Langage)

The concept o leid (cried langage forby) can be exponed in monie weys, fur exemple:

  • a wey o communicatin anent hings, acts an ideas
  • a set o meanins common tae sindry fowk
  • a teep o thocht
  • seembols impleein actions or inactions

But the foremaist meanin o leid is human langage.

Some fowk says that ainimals haes leids or can be leart leids; ithers dinna gree wi this, an seys that "ainimal leids" isna complicate or meaninfu eneuch tae be cried "leids", or that thay dinna hae the grammar needit tae be thocht o as leids; this o coorse lippens on the defeneition o leid a bodie is wirkin wi.

Mathaematics an computer science uises leids cried formal leids (like computer programmin leids). Mathematics itsel is conseidert a leid bi monie theorists.

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