Coordinates: 52°57′N 1°08′W / 52.950°N 1.133°W / 52.950; -1.133

Nottingham (pronooncit [ˈnɒtɪŋəm]) is a ceety an unitary authority aurie in the East Midlands region o the Unitit Kinrick. It is locatit in the ceremonial coonty o Nottinghamshire, an is ane o aicht memmers o the English Core Cities Group.

Sichts o Nottingham

While the City of Nottingham haes a historically tichtly drawn bundary whilk accoonts fur its relatively sma population o 288,700, the wider Nottingham Urban Aurie haes a population o 667,000 an is the seivent-lairgest urban aurie in the Unitit Kinrick, rankin atween thaim o Liverpool an Sheffield. Eurostat's Larger Urban Zone leetit the auries population at 825,600 as o 2004. Nottingham is famed fur its links wi the Robin Hood legend an, in the Industrial Revolution, obteent warldwide recognition fur its lace-makin an bicycle industries. It wis grantit its ceety chairter as pairt o the Diamond Jubilee celebrations o Queen Victoria in 1897 an haes syne been offeecially titlet the City of Nottingham.