Coordinates: 53°23′01″N 1°28′01″W / 53.38361°N 1.46694°W / 53.38361; -1.46694

Sheffield is a ceity an metropolitan borough o Sooth Yorkshire, Ingland. Its name derives frae the River Sheaf, which runs through the ceity. Historically a pairt o the Wast Ridin o Yorkshire, an pairtly Derbyshire, the ceity haes grown frae its lairgely industrial ruits tae encompass a wider economic base. The population o the Ceity of Sheffield is 534,500 (2008 est.) an it is ane o the aicht lairgest regional Inglis ceities that mak up the English Core Cities Group.

Sheffield shawn athin Ingland

Durin the 19t century, Sheffield gained an internaitional reputation for steel production. Mony innovations wur developed locally, includin crucible an stainless steel, fuellin an amaist tenfold increase in the population durin the Industrial Revolution. Sheffield received its municipal charter in 1893, offeecially becomin the City of Sheffield. Internaitional competition in iron an steel caused a decline in traditional local industries durin the 1970s an 1980s, coincidin wi the collapse o coal minin in the area.

The ceity is locatit the valleys o the River Don an its fower tributaries, the Loxley, the Porter Brook, the Rivelin, an the Sheaf, frae which the ceity takes its name. 61% o the Sheffield’s entire area is green space, an a third o the ceity lies athin the Peak District National Park.

Sister Ceeties


The "Sheffield International Linking Committee" promotes Sheffield owerseas, especially wi fower sister ceeties:

A further fower ceeties hae a Friendship Agreement wi Sheffield:

Twa roads in Sheffield hae been named efter sister ceeties; a section o the A6102 in Norton is named Bochum Parkway, an a road in Hackenthorpe is named Donetsk Way.

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