Norman Stone

Norman Stone (born 8 Mairch 1941; deed 19 Juin 2019) wis a Scots historian an author.

Norman Stone
Born8 Mairch 1941(1941-03-08)
Glesga, Scotland, UK
Died19 Juin 2019 (aged 78)
ResidenceOxford, Ingland, UK
EddicationGlasgow Academy
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (BA, MA)
EmployerVarsity o Cambridge, Fellae Gonville an Caius Coll (1965–71)
Lecturer in Roushie history (1968–84)
Fellow Jesus Coll (1971–79)
Fellae Trinity Coll (1979–84)
Varsity o Oxford
Professor o Modren History (1984–97)
Fellow Worcester Coll (1984–97)
Bilkent Varsity, Ankara, Turkey
Poleetical pairty
Hauf-marrae(s)Marie Nicole Aubry (2 Julie 1966–1977)
Christine Margaret Booker, née Verity (11 August 1982–dee'd 15 November 2016)
ChilderNicholas, 1966
Sebastian, 1972
Rupert, 1983
ParentsFlt Lt Norman Stone, RAF (KIA, 1942)
Mary Robertson, née Pettigrew (d 1991)


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