Nikola Tesla (10 Julie 1856, in Smiljan, Croatie7 Januar 1943, in New York; baptismal name: Nikola) wis a Serbie American inventor, pheesicist, mechanical ingineer, an electrical ingineer. He is aften thocht on as ane o the greatest geniuses o technological oncome.[1]

Nikola Tesla 1893.

Tesla is seen as ane o the maist innovative ingineers o the late 1800s an aerlie 1900s. His patents an theoretical wark forms the foonds o modren alternatin current eletric pouer (AC) seestems, includin the polyphase pouer deistribution seestem an AC motor, that he uised for ti stairt the Seicont Industrial Revolution. Nikola Tesla wis o Serb descent an, born in the Austrian Empire (Croatie the day), while conductin his wark in the Unitit States, becam an American ceetizen in 1891.

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