Naruhito (Tokyo, born 23 Februar 1960) wis the Emperor o Japan syne 1 mey 2019.

Emperor Naruhito at TICAD7 (cropped).jpg
Naruhito in August 2019
126t Emperor o Japan
Ring1 May 2019 – present
Enthronement22 October 2019[1]
Heir presumptiveFumihito
Prime MeenistersShinzō Abe
Yoshihide Suga
BornNaruhito (徳仁)
(1960-02-23) 23 Februar 1960 (age 62)
Imperial Household Agency Hospital, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
SpouseMasako Owada (m. 1993)
IssueAiko, Princess Toshi
HooseImperial House of Japan
MitherMichiko Shōda

Early lifeEedit

Naruhito wis born on 23 Februar 1960 at Imperial Household Agency Hospital, Imperial Palace in Tokyo,

He is be crown prince of Japan in 1991, He was first study in Gakushūin, He was graduated at Gakushuin University in 1982, He was studying in The Hoose or College of Scholars of Merton in the University of Oxford in 1983 to 1985

Naruhito and Masako have engagement in spring of 1993 , their married in 9 June 1993 at Imperial Shinto Hall in Tokyo,

Naruhito and Masako's only daughter Aiko, Princess Toshi wis born in 1 December 2001 at Imperial Household Agency Hospital in Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Emperor o JapanEedit

On 1 December 2017, the government announced that Naruhito's faither, Emperor Akihito, would abdicate on 30 Aprile 2019, and that Naruhito would become the 126t emperor o Japan as of 1 Mey 2019.

Following an abdication ceremony on the afternoon of 30 Aprile, Akihito's reign and the Heisei era continued until the end of the day. Naruhito then succeeded him as emperor at the beginning of the day on 1 Mey, ushering in the Reiwa era. The transition took place at midnight. Naruhito's place as emperor was formalized in a ceremony on the morning of 1 Mey. In his first statement as emperor, he pledged to reflect deeply on the course followed by his faither, and fulfill his constitutional responsibility "as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of Japan".

Naruhito's enthronement ceremony took place on 22 October 2019, where he was duly enthroned in an ancient-style proclamation ceremony.


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