Emperor Naruhito (天皇徳仁, Tennō Naruhito, born 23 Februar 1960) is the current Emperor o Japan. He is the eldest son o Emperor Akihito an Empress Michiko. He succeedit Akihito on 1 May 2019 an became the 126t Emperor. He is the warld's anly currently rignin monarc that haes a teetle translatit intil Scots an Inglis as "Emperor".

Emperor o Japan
Emperor Naruhito at TICAD7 (cropped).jpg
Naruhito, 2019
126t Emperor o Japan
Ring1 May 2019 - present
Born (1960-02-23) 23 Februar 1960 (age 59)
Tokyo, Japan
SpouseCroun Princess Masako
Aiko, Princess Toshi
Full name
Naruhito (徳仁)
HooseImperial Hoose o Japan
FaitherEmperor Akihito
MitherEmpress Michiko

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