Naitional Heal Service

The Naitional Heal Service (NHS, Inglis: National Health Service) is the name o the public heal services o England, Scotland an Wales, an is commonly uised tae refer tae thae o Northren Ireland. Thay war established thegither as ane o the major social reforms follaein the Seicont World War on the foondin principles o bein comprehensive, universal an free at the pynt o delivery.[1] The day, each provides a comprehensive range o heal services, the vast majority o which are free for fowk ordinarily resident in the Unitit Kinrick.[2]

Taken thegither, the fower Naitional Heal Services in 2015-16 employed aroond 1.6 million fowk wi a combined budget o £136.7 billion. UK residents are nae chairged for maist medical treatment, wi exceptions such as a fixed chairge for prescriptions; dental treatment is admeenistered differently, wi staundart chairges for maist procedures. For non-residents, the NHS is free at the time o uise, for general practeetioner (GP) and emergency treatment nae includin admission tae hospital.


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