NHS Scotland, whiles styled NHSScotland is the publicly fundit healcare seestem in Scotland. Heal an social care policy an fundin are the responsibility o the Heal an Social Care Directorates o the Scots Govrenment. Scotland's NHS wis established in 1948. The current Cabinet Secretar for Heal an Sport is Shona Robison an the heid o staff is the Director-General Heal an Social Care an Chief Executive o NHS Scotland, Paul Gray.[1]

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Mony central functions o NHS Scotland are hoosed at the Scots Govrenment's Victoria Quay biggin in Leith, Edinburgh.
Public healthcare service owerview
Precedin agencies
HeidquartersSt Andrae's Hoose, Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG
Annual budget£12.2 billion (2015-16)
Meenister responsible
Depute Meenisters responsible
Public healthcare service executive
  • Paul Gray, Director-General Heal an Social Care an Chief Executive o NHSScotland
Paurent departmentHeal an Social Care Directorates
Child agencies
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