Moses Housepian

Moses Minas Housepian (Armenie: Մովսես Մինասի Հովսեփյան, 1876 – December 11, 1952) wis an Armenie-American physeecian wha escapit the Hamidian massacres in his youth an later led a humanitarian medical mission in Roushie Armenie frae 1916-1918 treatin refugees frae the Armenie Genocide.[1][2] He is creditit wi stoppin the spread o a typhus epidemic an wis cried the "Aungel o Mercy" an Dr. Purgich, Armenie frae "Dr. Saviour."[3]

Dr Moses Housepian, 1916.jpg

Dr. Housepian wis an aa active in the Armenie Democratic Leeberal Pairty, whose chapter in New York Ceety wis posthumously namit for him.[4] His wife, Makrouhie Housepian (née Ashjian), wis active in the Armenie General Benevolent Union an ither Armenie causes.[5] Moses an Makrouhie Housepian were the parents o the author Marjorie Housepian Dobkin an the neorosurgeon Edgar Housepian.[6]

Housepian wis born in Kessab, Cilicie (in the umwhile Ottoman Empire, nou Syria) an died in New York Ceety.


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