The Moray Firth (Scots Gaelic: An Cuan Moireach / Linne Mhoireibh) is a mukkil triangular bay (or firth) on the nor'aestren coast o Scotland. It is pairt o the German Ocean an is Scotland's mukkilest firth. Its ooter mairch raxes frae Duncansbie Heid (naur John o Groats) til Kinnaird Heid (naur Fraserburgh). The firth haes mair nor 800 kilometer (aboot 500 mile) o coastline, mukkil o whilk is clints.

Cairt o the Moray Firth

The Moray Firth haes sindrie 'sub-firths' an bays, maistlie at the sooth-aest nuik. Thir include the Dornach Firth, Cromartie Firth an Beulie Firth. Naur the northren mairch o the Moray Firth is the Pentland Firth an Orkney. A nummer o rivers flowe intil the Moray Firth anaw, includin the River Ness, the River Findhorn an the River Spey.

The Caledonian Canal jyns the Moray wi the Firth o Lorn on the ither syd o Scotland. Hit wis biggit sae that ships wadna hae ti traivil roond the north coast, tharby shortenin traivil tyms.

The Moray Firth cud be regairdit as twa firths; the Inner Moray Firth (whilk wis umwhyl kent as the Firth o Innerness) an the mukkiler Ooter Moray Firth. Houaniver, the name "Firth o Innerness" is seindil foond on modren cairts.

Gaun frae Duncansby Heid til Kinnaird Heid, touns alang the coast o the firth include Wick, Helmsdal, Brora, Golspie, Dornoch, Innerness (the mukkilest), Nairn, Forres, Lossiemooth, Buckie, Bamff an Fraserburgh. Thrie cooncil auries an echt coonties hae Moray Firth coastline. The cooncil auries ar Hieland, Moray an Aiberdeenshire. The coonties ar Caithness, Ross an Cromartie, Innerness-shire, Nairnshire, Morayshire, Banffshire an Aiberdeenshire.

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Coordinates: 57°45′N 03°30′W / 57.750°N 3.500°W / 57.750; -3.500