"Buckie" micht refer tae Buckfast Tonic Wine an aw.

Buckie is a burgh o aboot 9,000 fowk on the Moray Firth coast o Scotland in the coonty o Moray. Ance a thrang fishin port, its industries haes dwyned. Fuid processin is aye tae the fore, wi muckle fish factories an smoke hooses situate about the herbour. The Buckie Shipyaird nou bigs an mends lifeboats for a fair bit o the Unitit Kinrick. A signeeficant pairt of the populace wirks in the affshore ile industry.

Buckie Herbour, wi the toun in the backgrund

Coordinates: 57°40′32″N 2°58′57″W / 57.6756°N 2.9825°W / 57.6756; -2.9825