Marie Anne de Mailly

Marie Anne de Mailly (5 October 1717 – 8 December 1744) was the youngest o the five famous Nesle sisters (four o which would become mistress o King Louis XV o Fraunce. She was his mistress frae 1742 until 1744. She wis also a friend o Charlotte Aglaé d'Orléans, granddaughter o Louis XIV an Madame de Montespan. King Louis XV gave Marie Anne the title Duchess o Châteauroux (duchessse de Châteauroux) on 20 October 1743 an she wis then presented tae the coort on 24 October 1743.

Marie Anne de Mailly
Duchess o Châteauroux
Marie Anne bi Nattier.
Full name
Marie Anne de Mailly
Born5 October 1717
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd8 December 1744 (aged 27)
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Jean Baptiste Louis, Marquis o La Tournelle
FaitherLouis de Mailly, Marquis o Nesle
MitherArmande Félice de La Porte

Mairiage eedit

In her youth, Marie Anne was cried as Mademoiselle de Monchy. On 19 Juin 1734, she mairit Jean Baptiste Louis, Marquis o La Tournelle (1708-1740).

Sisters eedit

Marie Anne had four older full sisters:

  1. Louise Julie de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Mailly", Coontess o Mailly (1710-1751),
  2. Pauline Félicité de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Nesle", Marquise o Vintimille (1712 -1741),
  3. Diane Adélaïde de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Montcavrel", Duchess o Lauraguais (1714-1769),
  4. Hortense Félicité de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Chalon", Marquise o Flavacourt (1715-1763).