Louise Julie de Mailly

Louise Julie de Mailly (1710 - 5 Mairch 1755) wis a french noblewoman who would later become a mistress o Keeng Louis XV like three o her other sisters. She wis the mistress o the king frae 1732-1742.

Louise Julie de Mailly
Coontess o Mailly
Portrait of a Lady, said tae be the Coontess o Mailly bi Alexis Grimou.
Full name
Louise Julie de Mailly
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd5 Mairch 1755 (aged 45)
Spoose(s)Louis Alexandre de Mailly, Coont o Mailly
FaitherLouis de Mailly, Marquis o Nesle
MitherArmande Félice de La Porte

Mairiage eedit

In youth, Louise Julie wis known as "Mademoiselle de Mailly". On 31 Mey 1726, she mairit her cousin, Louis Alexandre de Mailly, Coont o Mailly (1694-1743). The mairiage wis forced upon her against her will and was reportedly unhappy.

Sisters eedit

  1. Pauline Félicité de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Nesle", Marquise o Vintimille (1712 -1741),
  2. Diane Adélaïde de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Montcavrel", Duchess o Lauraguais (1714-1769),
  3. Hortense Félicité de Mailly, "Mademoiselle de Chalon", Marquise o Flavacourt (1715-1763).
  4. Marie Anne de Mailly "Mademoiselle de Monchy", Duchess o Châteauroux (1717-1744)