(Reguidit frae Manchuria)

Manchurie (simplifeed Cheenese: 满洲; traditeeonal Cheenese: 滿洲; pinyin: Mǎnzhōu) is a modren name gien tae a muckle geografic region in Northeast Asie. Dependin on the defineetion o its extent, Manchurie uisually[1][2][3] faws entirely within Cheenae, or is sometimes dividit atween Cheenae an Roushie.

Manchurie, nou as Northeast Cheenae = Reid, Eastren Inner Mongolie = Pink


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Coordinates: 45°00′00″N 125°00′00″E / 45.0000°N 125.0000°E / 45.0000; 125.0000