Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Korbelová Albright (born Mey 15, 1937) is the first woman tae hae acome the Unitit States Secretar o State. She wis nominatit bi U.S. Preses Bill Clinton on December 5, 1996, an wis unanimously confirmed bi a U.S. Senate vote o 99–0. She wis sworn in on Januar 23, 1997.

Madeleine Albright
64t Unitit States Secretar o State
In office
Januar 23, 1997 – Januar 20, 2001
PresesBill Clinton
Precedit biWarren Christopher
Succeedit biColin Powell
20t Unitit States Ambassador tae the Unitit Nations
In office
Januar 27, 1993 – Januar 21, 1997
PresesBill Clinton
Precedit biEdward Perkins
Succeedit biBill Richardson
Personal details
BornMarie Jana Korbelová
(1937-05-15) 15 Mey 1937 (age 83)
Prague, Czechoslovakie
(now Czech Republic)
Poleetical pairtyDemocratic
Spoose(s)Joseph Albright (1959–1982)
Alma materWellesley College
Johns Hopkins Varsity
Columbia Varsity
(Umwhile Roman Catholicism)[1]

Albright currently serves as a professor o Internaitional Relations at Georgetown Varsity's Walsh Schuil o Foreign Service. She haulds a PhD frae Columbia Varsity an numerous honorary degrees. In Mey 2012, she wis awairdit the Presidential Medal o Freedom bi US Preses Barack Obama.[2] Secretar Albright an aa serves as a director on the board o the Cooncil on Foreign Relations.[3]

Albright is fluent in Inglis, French, Roushie, an Czech; she speaks an reads Pols an Serbo-Croatie as well.[4]


  1. Albright was raised Catholic and is affiliated by choice with an Episcopal church.[1] But traditional Judaism, which considers neither conversion nor nonaffiliation as relevant to Jewish status, considers Albright Jewish based on her mother's having been Jewish.[2] (See Judaism#What makes a person Jewish?)
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