Local govrenment in Wales

For local govrenment purposes, Wales haes been dividit intae 22 single-tier principal auries syne 1 Apryle 1996.[1]. The principal cooncils are responsible for the proveesion o aw local govrenment services, includin eddication, social wirk, environment an roads services. Belaw thir in some auries thare are commonty cooncils, which kiver specific auries athin a principal cooncil's aurie.

The principal auries are variously styled as "coonty", "coonty burgh", "ceety" or "ceety an coonty". Housomeivver some auries no styled as a "coonty" hae mistakenly been referred tae as sic bi the media, includin bi BBC Wales.[2][3]



Thare are sax ceeties in tot in Wales: in addition tae the three principal auries wi ceety status, the commonties o Bangor an St Davids hae the status an aw. Ceety status is determined bi letters patent.

Principal auries o Wales


Thare are 22 principal auries in Wales, thay came intae bein on 1 Apryle 1996 bi virtue o the Local Govrenment (Wales) Act 1994 (1994 c. 19). Eleiven are namit as coonties, includin the Ceeties an Coonties o Cairdiff an Swansea (markt *), an eleiven are styled as coonty burghs (markt †).[4] In 2002 Newport wis grantit ceety status, an the coonty burgh is nou styled as the "Ceety o Newport".[5][6] Welsh leid forms are gien in parentheses, except whaur thare is nae Inglis equivalent.

Locations o each cooncil heodquarters are indicatit bi yellae markers.



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