County of Flintshire
Sir y Fflint
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- Total
- % Water
Rankit 12t
438 km²
? %
Admin HQ Mold
ONS code 00NJ
- Total (2017)
- Densitie

/ km²
Ethnicity 97.8% White
1.0% Sooth Asie
Welsh leid
- Ony skills
Rankit 12t
Flintshire County Council

Control TBA (council NOC)
MEPs Wales

Flintshire (Welsh: Sir y Fflint) is a coonty in north-east Wales. It is namit efter the historic coonty o Flintshire, which haed notably different borders. The coonty is govrened bi Flintshire County Council.


The current admeenistrative aurie o Flintshire (a unitary authority) came intae existence in 1996, when the umwhile admeenistrative coonty o Clwyd wis split intae three smawer auries. The principal aurie wis formit bi the merger o the Alyn and Deeside an Delyn destricts. In terms o pre-1974 divisions, the aurie comprises

The destrict o Rhuddlan, which wis formit entirely frae the admeenistrative coonty o Flintshire wis includit in the new Denbighshire insteid an aw. Ither pairts o the pre-1974 admeenistrative Flintshire tae be excludit frae the principal aurie are the Maelor Rural Destrict an the parish o Marford an Hoseley, which became pairt o the Wrexham Maelor destrict in 1974 an are nou pairt o Wrexham Coonty Burgh.


See Leet o places in Flintshire for a leet o touns an veelages.

Flintshire borders Denbighshire, Wrexham an the Inglis coonty o Cheshire.


Pairts o Flintshire hae major manufacturin industries. Amangst these are a vera advancit Toyota plant that manufacturs ingines, a TATA steelwirks an Shotton Paper, an Airbus, makkin the wings for the A330 an the A380 at Broughton.

There are daily flichts of the Airbus Beluga transport aircraft o Airbus wings frae Broughton for the smawer aircraft. The wings for the A380, which are too lairge tae be transportit bi air uise a multi-modal transport uisin Flintshire's roads, the River Dee an the port o Mostyn, in Flintshire an aw.

Flintshire is kent for its internet companies an aw, the lairgest an matst weel kent being Moneysupermarket.com based in Ewloe.


On 19 November 2004, Flintshire wis grantit Fairtrade Coonty status.


Flintshire Local Education Authority manages 75 primary schuils, 3 special schuils an 12 heich schuils.

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