Lieven Bauwens

entrepreneur, industrial spy

Lieven Bauwens (14 Juin 1769, Ghent – 17 Mairch 1822, Paris) wis a Belgian entrepreneur an industrial spy who wis sent tae Great Breetain at a young age an brocht a spinnin mule an skilled wirkers tae the European continent.

Lieven Bauwens statue in Ghent

He stairtit textile plants in Paris (1799) an Ghent (1800). In Ghent he wis an aa mayor for ane year. As a leadin industrial, he wis visitit bi Napoleon in 1810 an awardit the Legion d'Honneur.

He is remembered in Flanders for bringin the textile industry, an therebi the Industrial Revolution, thare.

The spinnin mule that wis brocht tae Ghent can still be visitit, in the ([1]) Museum for Industrial Archeology an Textile (MIAT).

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