Leonardo da Vinci

Italian Renaissance polymath

Leonardo da Vinci (15 Aprile 1452 - 2 Mey 1519) wis born in Florence, Italy. He wis an Italian penter, sculptor, muisic componer, makar, bigger, inventor an ingineer.

Leonardo da Vinci
Portrait o Leonardo bi Francesco Melzi
BornLeonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
15 Apryle 1452(1452-04-15)
Vinci, Republic o Florence (present-day Italy)
Dee'd2 Mey 1519(1519-05-02) (aged 67)
Amboise, Kinrick o Fraunce
Kent forDiverse fields o the airts an sciences
Notable wirk(s)Mona Lisa
The Last Supper
The Vitruvian Man
Lady wi an Ermine
StyleHeich Renaissance

Amang Leonardo's best kent picturs is The Last Supper an the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci developed a new wey o pentin. Airtists o his tyme for ordinar uised a white backgrund ti pent picturs. Houaniver he uised a daurk backgrund. This coud bring oot a three-dimensional effect in the main object.

Innin eedit

Leonardo da Vinci tho maist weill kent as an Airtist o the Renaissance Style wes a Lad o Pairts at doukit his haund intil a wheen ither skeills an subjecks. Anatomie o the human bodie,Aeronautics an Architectur ar juist twa three sic interess o the man amang a fouth o ithers, an wi the speirins athin his faumous note buiks kythes an ingyne at wes monie year hunders aheid o the times.

Bairnheid years 1452-1476 eedit

Thare isna an affa gret amoont kent o this pairt o da Vinci's life ither nor at he wes gien the nemm Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Leonardo,the son o Ser Piero frae Vinci) whan he wes born. His faither Piero da Vinci (a Notary) an Mither Caterina wernae mairriet . While he wes i his bairnheid his Mither haed mairriet on anither man an stertit a new faimlie.His cauf grunnd frae aroond five year auld wes the estate o his faithers faimlie whaur his Uncle anaa helpit oot wi the upbring o the yung Leonardo an it is frae him at he taen on his luv o natur.[1]

Apprenticeship an Aerlie wirk eedit

Whan he wes fowerteen year auld his faither haed him apprenticed wi a faur kent feigure o the day i the Airt Warld cryed Andrea del Verrocchio, at wes skeilly as a Sculptor ,Penter an Gowdsmith. Leonardo is maist like tae hae becam aquent wi ither Maisters at Verrochio's aft busy studio sic as Sandro Botticelli , alang wi wirkin aside apprentice Dominico Ghirlandaio, Lorenzo di Credi an Pietro Perogino.

Verrocchio wes the Sculptor tae The Medici Faimlie ( The Heidmaist Faimlie o thon times i the Region). Verrocchio hissel haed lairned frae the maister Donatello. Sicwyce wi the airtin o Verrocchio the yung Leonardo haed growne frae a loun at wad dae the mair laich like darg o mixin pents an reddin surfaces, til a bodie at wad study an copy his maisters wirk an maist like haunder Verrocchio wi his Commissions alang wi the ither apprentice o the Studio.

Duarand his haill apprenticeship da Vinci's ken o Sculptin,Pentin an drawin haed blumed alang wi a fouth o lear he haed ontaen frae ither skeilled fowk at haed kythed at the aft busy Studio, Ann aa ,Sindrie skeills the like o mechanics, cairpentry,metallurgie ,chemistrie an Architectural drawin wad hae been aw aroond him.

A wirk cryed "Landscape Drawing for Santa Maria della Neve" wrocht wi pen an ink is the aerliest wirk at belangs da Vinci we hae an gies us his depictioun o The Arno River Valley.

Nooadays heistorians at luiks at maister wirks o Verrocchio frae thon era pynt tae Leonardo da Vinci's kent brush straiks athin sic wirks. [2]Verrocchio's "The Baptism of Christ" an "The Annunciation" bein twa sic wirks thocht tae hae parteicular pattrens belangin da Vinci.

Tho in 1472 da Vinci wes bidden tae jyne The Penters Guild o Florence, aye he cairried furth wi his study as assistant unner Verrocchio til 1476.

Middle Years eedit

Atween 1476 an 1481 heistorians believe da Vinci awned his ain Wirkshop i Florence,hooanever nae a gret amoont is kent o twa three o thae years,aiblins acause o Coort records o the day shawin at da Vinci alang wi three fiers wes chairged wi sodomy ,tho efterhaund thay war aquittit it is mair nor like at thon scandal made him haud wide o public life durand sic a traumatic period.

I the years atween the back o the 1470's tae the aerlie 1480's it is thocht at da Vinci wes bidden tae ontak his first commissioned wirk cryed "The Adoration of the Magi" bi a Scopeto Monastery i Florence bi the nemmm o San Donato. He wes nevir tae feinish sic a commission,aiblins acause o the scandal, or bein wyled tae forder his carreer he flittit tae Milan.

I Milan he ontaen wirk for the Sforza Faimlie, at wes the rulin Faimlie o thon aurie. Fee'd as a Sculptor,Architect,Penter an Ingineer Leonardo da Vinci wrocht a Bronze equestrian Stookie o the foonder o the Sforza Dynastie ,Franscesco Sforza ower the nixt twal year.At the hinnerend hooanever it wes War wi The Frainch at stymied thon projeck.The Bronze at wes pitten aside for uisse i the wirk wes taen itherwhaurs tae be uised for War Cannons.

The Last Supper (1498). Milan, Italy.

The awreddie completed clay stookie at da Vinci haed creatit wes connacht a puckle year efter whan the Sforza Duke wes cawed frae pouer.

Alsae, i the years 1495-98 whan fee'd tae the Sforza Faimlie Leonardo da Vinci haed wirkit noo an thans on and o his maist faur kent Pentin The Last Supper. This wirk is a Mural Pentin at daiks the waa o The Refectorie o The Monastrie o Santa Maria delle Grazia i Milan whaur ither wirks o ken war present.

Tho The Last Supper is ane o the maist Faumous Pentins i the warld,mistaks war made bi da Vinci wi techniques he uised.

The new cleckit style o uisin Tempera on Stane turned oot tae be a wrang deceision ower the fack at athin fiftie year o its completioun pent haed begoud tae faw aff an pairts o the wirk haed sicwyce mizzled.

I modren days 1980 tae 1999 an upmak wes ontaen tae retour virr tae the oreiginal wirk ,tho a gret amoont o the oreiginal pent wes tint.

Retour tae Florence eedit

Efter his Patron Ludovica Sforza wes cawed frae pouer wi the incomin o The Frainch Airmy i 1499,Leonardo da Vinci haed fled frae Milan alang wi Mathematician Lucas Pacioli an retoured tae Florence via veisits tae baith Mantua an Venice.

Leonardo da Vinci's nemm wes mair kent noo sae as Whan i Venice the Veneitian Govrenin Cooncil haed speired him anent hou tae halt onie incomin Turks tae the aurie o Friuli. The recommends gien frae da Vinci war at they shuid fluid the haill pestit region.

Upo his hamecomin tae Florence da Vinci wes laudit as a weill luved son at wes walcomed bi auld freends an new Airtist an aa as a Penter at haed cleckit monie a new style o airt.

Sae i 1500 wi him noo sattelt i Florence agane he set aboot forderin his career wi the Pentin "Virgin and Child with Saint Anne",tho he wad set aside the wirk an no feinish it for anither 10 year.

Monie modren day heistorian trow at 1503 is the year at Leonardo da Vinci begoud aiblins his maist weill kent wirk The Mona Lisa (Betimes kent as La Gioconda)[3] acause o the maistlins acceptit beleif at The Mona Lisa is a Pentin o the wife o his Patron for the wirk Francesco del Gioconda.

Tho aftimes heistorians hae airgied ower wha the true face o Mona Lisa belangs it is beleived tae be Francesco del Gioconda's wife Lisa.

The Mona Lisa wes pentit atween the years 1503 an 1519 an is thocht o as the maist faumous Airtwirk i the Warld the day.

It hings nooadays i The Louvre i Fraunce.

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda (1503–1519)—Louvre, Paris, France

He taen on a wheen ither commissions aroond this time,ane bein The Battle of Anghiari, betimes cryed The Lost Leonardo acause o it haen been tint awthegither.

Some heistorians an Airt commentators trow it is dernt ablo ane o da Vinci's later frescoe's at ar keepit inside The Ha o the five hunder or Salone dei Cinquecento i The Palazzo Vecchio i Florence. The pentin itsel haes as its main scene three men wi horse fankled i a battle tae claucht a Banner.

Saicont Period i Milan 1506-1513 eedit

In 1506 Leonardo da Vinci wes bidden back tae Milan an aiblins it wes this at wes tae lea "The Battle o Anghiaro" Pentin unfeinished. He wes askit tae retour tae Milan bi The Govrenor o Lombardy Charles d'Amboise wha wes hissel a weill kent nemm o the times.

This is a copy o Leonardo's pentin o The Battle o Anghiari that wes skaithed an than derned bi a waa aroond 1560; aiblins this is a copy o the "Cartoon' {ootline} o the pentin

Amang the nabs o the day da Vinci wes a gey popular feigure, sicwyce at The Govrenment i Florence wes foraye screivin letters tae the Frainch rulers gin da Vinci wad retour tae Florence for tae feinish The Battle o Anghiari pentin,as thay haed awreddies peyed for hit. Thair letters war gien the deif lug bi the Frainch tho an Leonardo bade on i Milan.

Weill thocht o bi baith patrons Charles d'Amboise an Keing Lois XII, nanetheless da Vinci ontaen less Pentin wirks an mair wirk anent Architectural maitters.

His noo faumous notebuiks o the time shaw us plans an screivins for a Pailace Villa for d'Amboise alang wi ithers for an Oratory at The Kirk o Santa Maria alla Fontana at wes alsae fundit bi his patron Charles d'Amboise.

Athin this saicont period i Milan da Vinci haed gaithered roond hissel a curn o students,baith auld follaers the like o Bernardino de Conti an Sudai alang wi new students Cesare de Sesto, Giampetrino , Bernardino Luini an a yung Gallant nemmed Franscisco Melzi wha wes hissel tae becum a gey close fier o Leonardo til his daith.

Wi the mellin o his wirk wi the faur kent Anatomist Marcantonio della Torre frae Pavia da Vinci's ain knawledge o Anatomie haed flouered i this period ,ootpitten plans for exack sketchins o the human bodie an physiologie.

Athin his manuscripts an jotters o thir time we hae fouth o mathematical,mechanical,optical,geological an botanical studies at shaws us da Vinci's thochts anent motion,mechanical functions an whit drives thaim.

Later Years eedit

I 1513 at the age o 60 year auld Leonardo da Vinci flittit agane frae Milan efter the Frainch war flung oot. He gaed tae Roum wi his close fiers Melzi an Salai alang wi twa ither o his assistants tae try an win wirk wi the help o his Patron Giuliano Medici wha wes the Brither o the new Pape Leo X. Tho gien a monthly stipend an a ruim i the Vatican tae bide in ,nae new commisions war tae befaw him.

The neist three year i Roum at follaed war a dissapyntment tae da Vinci an sae wi monie a letter he ootpit kythes his thochts anent this. Monie o the kent nemms o the day war eident wi thair ain wirks an projecks ,the like o Raphael pentin the ruims for the new Pape, an Michael Angelo an his strauchles tae feinish The Tomb o Pape Julius II an alsae wi yunger Artist's Timoteo Viti an Sodoma wha war aye thrang.

Aiblins nou conseidered the Auld Maister hissel Leonardo wad wirk quaet like i his studio on Mathematical studies an surveyin o Auld Warld moniments,as aftimes he wad daunder throu tha Ceity daein sic like.

Nae records o thon time pynt tae Leonardo da Vinci haein contack wi onie Airtists ither nor Donato Bramante, the weill kent Penter an Architect ,tho he hissel haed dee'd i 1514.

A map drawin o The Puntine Marshes reclamation pynts us tae Leonardo haein a consultin pairt for Giuliano de Medici's projeck frae 1514, alang wi sketchins for a muckle biggin i Florence for the Medici,wha war agane in pouer frae 1512 ,tho thon parteicular projeck wes nevir stertit.

At the hin-end o 1516 an the age o 65 year auld Leonardo da Vinci acceptit a bidden tae gang tae Fraunce for the new yung Keing Francis I ,an sicwyce aiblins wi sic dissapyntments aforehaund i Roum he left Italy foraye ,alang wi his maist devotit pupil Melzi.

The hinmaist three year o his life he bade i Cloux,efterhaund cryed Closluće,no faur awa frae The yung Keings simmer Pailace at Amboise on the Loire.

The nemm gied him o (Premier peintre architecte et méchanicien du Roi) or First Penter ,Architect an Ingineer tae The Keing wes a nemm he wure prood like. The Keing hissel keepit da Vinci as a guest o honour, at alloued him muckle freedom tae wirk wi plans for The Pailace an Gairden o Ronorantin ,at wes tae be the weidae hame for The Queen Mither.The projeck wes stymied tho whan the hail region wes pestit bi Malaria.

Tho he duin nae gret amoont o pentin i Fraunce he ontaen tae edit his scienteefic studies,alang wi his anatomie studies.

He dee'd at Cloux i 1519 an wes burried i The Pailace Kirk o Saunt Florentine. His Graff is nooadays unkent efter the Kirk wes connacht durand The Frainch Revolution an wes hailly pullt doon at the afftak o The 19t Century.[4]

Fremmit airtins eedit

Reference eedit

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