Lapland (Finland)

Lapland (Finnish: Lappi; Northren Sami: Lappi; Swadish: Lappland) is the lairgest an northmaist o the regions o Finland. The municipalities in the province cooperate in a Regional Council. It borders the Region o North Ostrobothnie in the sooth. It an aa borders tae the Gulf o Bothnie, Norrbotten County in Swaden, Finnmark Coonty an Troms Coonty in Norawa an tae Murmansk Oblast in Roushie. In some pairts o the warld, pairticularly Britain, Ireland an Finland itsel, it is considered the traditional hame o Father Christmas (Joulupukki).

Location o Lapland in Finland

Historical provincesEedit

For history, geography an cultur see: Laponie, Österbotten an Västerbotten

Lapland wis separatit frae Oulu Province in 1936. Efter the Seicont Warld War, the Petsamo an Salla auries wur cedit tae the Soviet Union. Unner the ryalist constitution o Finland durin the first hauf o 1918, Lapland wis tae become a Grand Principality an pairt o the inheritance o the proposed keeng o Finland.

Lapland wis ane o the provinces o Finland, til the provinces wur abolished on Januar 1, 2010.[1]


Wilderness in Enontekiö

Lapland is the hame o aboot 3.6% o Finland's population, an is bi far the least densely populatit aurie in the kintra. The biggest touns in Lapland are Rovaniemi (the regional caipital), Kemi, an Tornio. In 2009 Lapland haed a population o 183,748 o whom 179,070 spoke Finnish, 1,473 spoke Sami, 338 spoke Swadish an 2,867 spoke some ither leids as their mither leid.[2] O the Sami leids Northren Sami, Inari Sami an Skolt Sami are spoken in the region.


The State Provincial Office wis a joint regional authority o seiven different meenistries. It promotit naitional an regional objectives o the State central admeenistration.

Regional CooncilEedit

The 21 municipalities o Lapland are organised intae a single Region, whaur they cooperate in the Lapland Regional Cooncil, Lapin liitto or Lapplands förbund.

Sami Domicile AurieEedit

The northmaist municipalities o Lapland whaur the Sami fowk are the maist numerous, form the Sami Domicile Aurie. Sami organization exists in parallel wi the provincial ane.




The Regional Cooncil o Lapland uises the Finnish variation o the coat o airms for Laponie. The coat o airms for the Province o Lapland wis composed oot o the coats o airms o Laponie an Ostrobothnia.

Lapland impact on Finnish numismaticsEedit

Most o the gowd uised tae mint Finnish gowd coins comes frae Lapland. Lapland itsel haes been the main motif for a recent commemorative coin, the Finish First Finnish gowd euro commemorative coin, mintit in 2002. On the reverse side, the midnicht sun abuin a lake in Lapland can be observed.


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