Lamiales is an order in the asterid group o dicotyledonous flouerin plants. It includes approximately 11,000 speshies split intae aboot 20 faimilies. Weel-kent or economically important memmers o this order include lavender, lilac, olive, jasmine, the esh tree, teak, snapdragon, sesame, psyllium, gairden sage, an a nummer o table yerbs sic as mint, basil, an rosemary.



Species in this order fir uisual hae the followin chairacteristics, awtho thare are exceptions tae aw o them:

Taxonomic History


Lamiales previously haed a restrictit circumscription (e.g., bi Arthur Cronquist) that included the major faimilies Lamiaceae (Labiatae), Verbenaceae, an Boraginaceae plus twathree smawer faimilies. Recent phylogenetic wirk haes shawn that Lamiales is polyphyletic wi respect tae order Scrophulariales an the twa groups are nou uisually combined in a single order that includes the umwhile orders Hippuridales an Plantaginales. Lamiales haes become the preferred name for this mair muckle combined group. The placement o Boraginaceae is unclear but phylogenetic wirk shaws that this faimily disnae belang in Lamiales.

The circumscription o faimily Scrophulariaceae, formerly a paraphyletic group defined primarily bi plesiomorphic chairacters an frae athin that numerous ether faimilies o the Lamiales war derived, haes been radically altered tae create a nummer o smawer, better-defined an putatively monophyletic faimilies.

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