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The Kinrick o Bohemie, whiles an aa referred tae as the Czech Kinrick[1][2] (Czech: České království; German: Königreich Böhmen; Laitin: Regnum Bohemiae), wis a state locatit in the region o Bohemie in Central Europe, whose territory is currently includit in the modren-day Czech Republic.

Kinrick o Bohemie
České království (cs)
Königreich Böhmen (de)
Regnum Bohemiae (la)
Banner o Bohemia
Coat o airms
Kinrick o Bohemie (1618)
Kinrick o Bohemie (1618)

Laund o the Bohemie Croun (1348–1918)
Electorate o the Holy Roman Empire (till 1806)

Croun laund o the Habsburg Monarchy (1526–1804), o the Austrick Empire (1804–67), an o the Cisleithanian pairt o Austrick-Hungary (1867–1918)
Caipital Prague
Common leids Czech, Laitin, German
Releegion Roman Catholic,
Hussite, Lutheran
Govrenment Monarchy
• 1198–1230
Ottokar I (first)
• 1916–1918
Charles III (last)
• Kinrick established
• Hereditary ryal teetle
26 September 1212
• Inauguration o the
   Luxembourg dynasty
7 Aprile 1348
• Acame main pairt o
   Bohemie Croun launds
5 Aprile 1355
25 December 1356
16 December 1526
• Dissolution o Austro-
   Hungarian Empire

31 October 1918
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Duchy o Bohemie
First Czechoslovak Republic
The day pairt o


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