Khosrow II (Chosroes II in clessical soorces; Middle Persie: Husrō(y)), enteetled "Aparvēz" ("The Victorious"), an aa Khusraw Parvēz (New Persie: خسرو پرویز), wis the last great king o the Sasanian Empire, reignin frae 590 tae 628.[1] He wis the son o Hormizd IV (reigned 579–590) an the grandson o Khosrow I (reigned 531–579). He wis the last king o Persie tae hae a lenthy reign afore the Muslim conquest o Iran, which began five years efter his daith bi execution. He lost his throne, then recovered it wi Roman help, an, a decade later, went on tae emulate the feats o the Achaemenids, conquerin the rich Roman provinces o the Middle East; much o his reign wis spent in wars wi the Byzantine Empire an strugglin against usurpers such as Bahram Chobin an Vistahm.

Khosrow II
Shahanshah o Iran an Aniran
Gowd coin o Khosrow II.
Shahanshah o the Sasanian Empire
Ring590 (first reign)
591 – Februar 25, 628 (seicont reign)
PredecessorHormizd IV (predecessor)
Bahram Chobin (usurper)
Vistahm (rival keeng)
SuccessorKavadh II
Bornca. 570
Dee'dFebruar 28, 628
FaitherHormizd IV
MitherVistahm's sister



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