Khartoum North

Khartoum North (al-Khartūm Bahrī) is a ceety close tae, but distinct frae, Khartoum in central Sudan. The ceety is close tae the confluence o the White an Blue Niles on the eastren bank o the Blue Nile. The ceety, which haed in 1993 a rapidly growin population o 900,000, is connectit bi briges tae Khartoum an Omdurman. It is forby kent as "Bahrī" (Egyptian Arabic: بحري‎), meanin North in Egyptian Arabic. (Sooth is Qibli (Egyptian Arabic: قبلي‎).)


Year Population[1]
1956 39,100
1973 150,989
1983 341,155
1993 700,887
2007 estimate 1,725,570
Location o Khartoum North


In 1998 the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory wis destroyed bi the Unitit States for several reasons, includin allegit ties atween the awners o the plant an the terrorist group al-Qaeda.[citation needit]

Economy an industryEedit

The industrial centre o the region an the kintra, the ceety contains dockyards, marine an rail wirkshops, an sawmills. Khartoum North treds in cotton, grains, fruit, an livestock; industries include tannin, brewin, brickmakin, textile weavin, an fuid processin. Syne the year 2000, chemical plants supplyin hoosehauld products tae the rest o the kintra hae been biggit in the ceety.

A wealthy suburb is growin towards the eastren pairt o the ceety, alang the Blue Nile.


Khartoum North haes mony neighbourhuids, some o which are:



The follaein briges cross the Blue Nile an connect Khartoum North tae Khartoum:


Coordinates: 15°38′N 32°38′E / 15.633°N 32.633°E / 15.633; 32.633