Kebili Govrenorate

Kebili Govrenorate (Arabic: ولاية قبلي‎) is seicont lairgest o the twintie-fower govrenorates (provinces) o Tunisie. It is situatit in sooth-wastren Tunisie, borderin Algerie. It covers an aurie o 22,084 square kilometres (8,527 sq mi) an haes a population o 143,000 (2004 census). The caipital is Kebili.

Location o Kebili Governorate



Kebili climate is vera difficult in winter (vera cauld at nicht) an in simmer (heich temperature). The region is vera nice tae visit in ware an in the end o hairst.

Kebili contains a significant pairt o Tunisie’s lairgest salt pan, which is kent as Chott el-Jerid.



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