Kebili (or Qibilī; Arabic: قبلي‎) is a desert toun in central Tunisie. It is locatit at aroond 33°42′7″N 8°58′25″E / 33.70194°N 8.97361°E / 33.70194; 8.97361, sooth o the Chott el-Jerid. It is the caipital o the Kebili Govrenorate.

History eedit

Kebili or in correct spellin Gibili is ane o the auldest Oasis in Tunisie an North Africae. Kebili haulds the earliest haurd evidence o human habitation in Tunisie (foond near the toun) an dates back aboot 200,000 years. Kebili, as mony ithers Tunisian touns, entered unner the control o Roman Empire efter the Punic Wars.

Demographics eedit

The Kebili population is diverse compared tae ither Tunisian governorates. There are three main race/ethnic groups:

  • Arabs: They came tae Kebili in early days o Islamic Conquest. Maist came frae the Soothren Arabian Peninsula (kent today as Saudi Arabie an Yemen). They still hauld the names o their ancestor's tribes.
  • Berbers: They are the native inhabitants o Tunisie an North Africae. Berbers are considered minorities acause they prefer tae live in muntains (the maist famous site is Matmata).
  • Blacks: They came tae the ceety when it wis a famous slavery trade center. See economy for mair information.

Leid an Releegion eedit

Arabic is the dominant leid in the region. The awday Arabic differs frae literal Arabic tae varyin degrees. The maist noticeable difference is in the pronunciation o the letter Qäf; it is pronoonced Gä. See an aa Tunisian Arabic. Islam is the dominant releegion. Kebili, as mony ither Tunisian touns, haulds a great number o Soofiat Maqams (Saleheen).

Economy eedit

The Kebilian economy haes seen diverse orientations through its history. Kebili wis ane the main hubs o the African slavery trade tae satisfy European needs at that time. Slaves wur taken tae Europe through the port o Gabès. Nouadays, Kebili relies hivily on agricultur an tourism.

Agricultur eedit

The main agricultural product in the region is dates, or deglets. Kebili produce a vera hie quality date, exportit aroond the warld an contributin significantly tae the local an naitional economy.

Tourism eedit

Beginnin wi naitional unthrildom, the government o Tunisie haes encouraged tourism projects an resorts in the Saharan region. O these Douz, sooth o Kebili, is the maist famous Saharian destination o Tunisie (kent as the Sahara Gate).

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