Kapchagay (Kazakh: Қапшағай, Roushie: Капчага́й) is a ceety in Almaty Province o Kazakhstan.[1] It is locatit on the Ili River, an haes been biggit alang wi the construction o Kapchagay Dam on that river in the 1960s. The dam haes formit Kapchagay Reservoir (a.k.a. Loch Kapchagay), a popular weekend destination for beach-goers fae Almaty. Population: 39,855 (2009 Census results);[2] 33,428 (1999 Census results).[2]


On Loch Kapchagay
On Loch Kapchagay
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Coordinates: 43°53′0″N 77°5′0″E / 43.88333°N 77.08333°E / 43.88333; 77.08333
ProvinceAlmaty Province
 • Total39,855
Time zoneUTC+6 (Omsk Time)


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