Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Kalbajar (red) rayon. Pairt o the rayon (the daurk green aurie) is pairt o Nagorno-Karabakh, the local province o Martakert. You can an aa see the Interactive cairt o Azerbaijan here

Kalbajar (Azerbaijani: Kəlbəcər) is a rayon o Azerbaijan. Kalbajar is a Kurdish name meaning Stane Ceety. The entire region is currently unner the control o Armenie forces who caw the wastren hauf Karvajar. The eastren hauf is offeecially pairt o Nagorno-Karabakh, makin up pairt o the Martakert Province. The Azeri an Kurdish population o Kalbajar wur displaced bi the fechtin an currently live as internally displaced bodies in ither regions o Azerbaijan.


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Dadivank monastery

The Armenie name o the destrict is Karvachar (Armenie: Քարվաճառ), which corresponds tae the auncient destrict o Vaykunik, ane o 12 cantons o Artsakh (historical Nagorno-Karabakh) [1]. It wis an aa kent as Upper-Khachen or Tsar (efter its chief toun) an wis ruled bi ane o the branches o the Hoose o Khachen, who held it till the Roushie conquest o the Karabakh region in the early 19t century [1].

In the early 17t century maist o the oreeginal Armenian population o Kalbajar wis deportit bi Abbas I an eventually Kurds settled the aurie as they did in the neighborin Qashatagh [1].

In the time o Kurdistan Uyezd, the Kalbajar region wis a predominantly Kurdish inhabitit aurie.[2]. Efter deportation o the Kurds unner Joseph Stalin, Azeris constitutit the main pairt o the population.

As a result o the Nagorno-Karabakh War, the aurie wis taken bi Armenie forces in 1992. Subsequently the Azeri population fled the region.

Cultural monumentsEedit

Karvachar is rich in Armenian monuments numberin close tae 750, which include monasteries, kirks, chapels, fortresses, khachkars an inscriptions [1]. The maist important o them is the monastery o Dadivank [1].

Unner Armenie ControlEedit

The destrict wis made intae the province o Shahumyan, ane o the 8 provinces o NKR. The province remains the least populatit o the NKR provinces wi a total population o 2,800. The toun o Karvachar is hame tae 500 fowk.[3]

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