KYPCK (Volapuk rendition frae rus. Курск) is a Finnish doom metal baund formed in 2007.

Thay caw themselves “Fast Roushie Doom Metal Frae Finland”. Vocalist Erkki Seppänen speaks fluent Roushie an haes worked in the embassy in Moscow [1]. Thair debut album "Черно" (Cherno) wis released on Mairch 12 2008 (in Finland) as jewelbox an digipack versions. Thare ar cyrillic Roushie leerics an Inglis translations in the booklet o the album. Transliteratit sing-alang versions o the leerics ar available exclusively at As o Januar 2010, thay hae finished recordin thair seicont album, an thay ar currently lookin for a label tae release it.

Erkki Seppänen - Vocals
Sami S. Lopakka - Guitar
J. T. Ylä-Rautio - Bass
Kai H. M. Hiilesmaa - Drums
Sami Kukkohovi - Live Guitar


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