John Maxwell

John Maxwell (1905 –1962) wis a Scots painter o' landscapes an' imaginative subjects. [1]

Born in Dawbeattie in Kirkcoubrieshire, Maxwell studiet at Edinburgh College o' Art fae 1921 tae 1927 and frae 1927 tae 1928 at the Académie Moderne in Paris unner Léger and Ozenfant. He also travellit tae Italy an' Spain during this period, whar he discovert the wirk o' Chagall and the Symbolists. Thae experiences influenced his wirk fur th' remainder o' his career. Maxwell wis a lifelong frien' o' William Gillies wi' wham he frequently travelled oan pentin trips. Alang wi' Gillies, he wis yin o' th' group o' artists wha became kent as th' Edinburgh School. Maxwell taught frae time tae time at Edinburgh College o' Art frae 1928 tae 1933, 1935 tae 1946, an' 1955 tae 1961. He foremaist exhibited at th' Royal Scots Academy in 1935 an' became a full member in 1949.

He retired tae his hametoun in 1961 and deid in his faimily hame "Mlllbrooke" in 1962.

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